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                         Before You Start   

You can apply to an approved training programs only if you:
·    You are least 18.

·    You have a GED or High School diploma
·    You must not have a criminal history.
·    You will need to have the criminal
     background check.
·    You will have to pass complete physical
     testing, including drug screening and TB
     skin testing.
When you have finished your CNA course you will get permission to take the exam.

CNA Certification Mississippi

 1. You must be at least 18;
 2. You will need evidence of high  school        
     diploma or proof of a GED;    
 3. You will need to pass a physical exam 
     that includes a TB skin test and a drug    
 4. All candidates for CNA certification in
      Mississippi also have to undergo a 
      criminal background check following
      the state’s requirements; and       
 5. Even when training is done, the   
     student needs to obtain permission
     from the testing administrator to sit for
     the exam. 
  certification/cna- certification-mississippi/
                            What Do CNAs Do?
                 Answer call lights of patients 
                 Keep patients' rooms neat

                 Make beds
                 Serve patient meals 
                 Take patient temperatures
                 Take pulse rates
                 Take blood pressures 

CNA Course Requirements

·        Be at least 18 years old
·        Provide a copy of high school
         diploma or GED certificate
·        Pass reading and basic math
         tests, which are required for
.        Current healthcare provider CPR 
·        Current TB skin test (within the
         last year) or negative chest
·        Provide documentation of 
         current physical screening   
·        Provide documentation of 
        required immunizations:

             1.  Chicken Pox (Varicella)
             2.  Hepatitis B
             3.  Influenza.
             4.  Measles/Mumps/Rubella
             5.  TdaP
             6.  Tuberculosis skin test


​    See Course Ouline or Curriculum


      CNA/ADN Program
·   Gait Belt (approx. $10)​
·   Stethoscope (approx $30) 
·   Light or Medium Blue scrubs or uniform (approx

·   White or Grey tennis shoes with minor alternate
    colors of light or dark blue (no canvas, must have
    enclosed heel or heel strap and no open areas on
    the toe box)
·   CNA and ASN students: Watch with a sweep
    second hand (approx. $18).
·   Certifications/Insurance (CNA and ASN students) 
    CPR for Health Care Providers certification 
    (approx $65).
·   Student professional liability insurance policy
    (approx $18 - $24) 
    Current TB skin test (within the last year), or
    negative chest x-ray.

   RN Other

   Pen Light

        CNA Uniform​