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​​Bio 1313 College Algebra​​


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  1. 10:00
    Name of lecture: Nutrition ;
    COURSE DESCRIPTION: Bio 1613 and 2500 Principles of Nutrition This is a 3 credit principles of nutrition course that studies the biology and chemistry of nutrients; how nutrients are digested, absorbed and metabolized, the role nutrients play in the human body and their applications for healthcare providers. Students will gain knowledge and exposure of: Nutrition as a science; the principles of diet planning, government standards, and food labeling;
    Keynote speaker: Clara Frazier-Barnes
  2. 10:45
    Name of lecture: Role of Nursing Assistants
    COURSE DESCRIPTION: NUR 101 Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) This is a 3 credit course that prepares students for employment as entry level nursing assistants in a health care facility where they will perform selected tasks supportive to nursing under the supervision of an approved preceptor, observer or faculty licensed registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN). of nursing assistant.
    Keynote speaker: Clara Frazier-Barnes
  3. 11:30
    Name of lecture: College Algebra
    COURSE DESCRIPTION: MAT 1313 College Algebra This is a 3 credit course that provides students with a foundation of basic algebra skills and concepts underlying mathematics and sciences. We begin with a review of geometry and then start preparing students for more complex algebra topics that includes study of inequalities; functions; linear and quadratic equations, circles, and their graphs; applications; polynomial and rational functions; logarithmic and exponential functions; systems of equations.
    Keynote speaker: Clara Frazier-Barnes


  1. 13:00
    Meet the Faculty
    Find pictures of the faculty online "Meet the Faculty"


  1. 14:00
    Wrap up: Question and Answer Session
    Faculty will answer questions about the school of nursing and school of business.
  2. 15:00



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