SINCE 2013

Welcome to Claredon College Health Center!    

Why Claredon?  Now is  an ideal time to explore a career in healthcare. In the face of economic downturn, health careers will experience the greatest job growth of any field in the next decennium.  As baby boomers reach retirement age, and growing demand for shortage of healthcare workers increase healthcare job opportunities will expand at an alarming rate.  Now is the time.

Claredon College offers quality, affordable and practical nursing educational programs. We target the community disadvantaged by expanding their ambition to pursue health careers in nursing. Claredon College is a public institution of higher education offering a program of study leading to certified nursing assistant (CNA) and Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) certification in an environment of high academic standards.


Claredon College online programs have always been exceptional - focusing on building a healthier community, targeting a positive transformation in quality of life, natural resources and economic prosperity.  Through exploration, innovation and application, we are meeting challenges, solving problems and turning aspirations into reality.

The college offers 2 undergraduate degree programs in 2 fields of study in its online schools:  Claredon College School of Nursing and Health Professions and Claredon College School of Business.

1. To provide education to the public on
    healthcare topics.

2. To improve the lives of children and adults

     throughout Mississippi with operation of a
     wellness clinic that offers physical,
     immunizations and preventive services.
 3. To provide supportive services to those 
      who cannot be readily absorbed in the
      competitive labor market or relief of the
      poor and distressed or underprivileged 
      during such time as employment
      opportunities in a competitive labor  
      market is encumbered with uncertainty.